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The Guy Who is Always There

People come into our lives for a reason. Some stay to teach us a lesson and others come to be a blessing. In relationships guys do come and go. That is until you meet the right one. If you meet a guy who has been in your life all along than that guy just might be the one for you.

If there is a guy in your life who you cried on his shoulder, you have inside jokes with, gives you support, has been with you through breakups, job losses, new jobs and so much more than he is meant to be in your life.

Maybe you two are meant to be more down the road. Sometimes the best relationships start off as friendships. It is very important than in a relationship you both are friends and feel comfortable with. Your boyfriend is supposed to be your best friend, the one you tell eveything to and is there for you through thick and thin.

Most importantly you know each other, so the trust is there. When people date someone they just meet they put their best foot foward. When it is someone you know, it is different. You both knew each other for so many years and know the pros and flaws of what each other is. You trust that he will be there no matter what and you could be free and at peace knowing that.

Cherrish each moment you are together. Be thankful that you have had this person for so many years in your life. Think of all the amazing times that the both of you shared and you never know, one day he might just be the one that you are walking down the asile to.

Good guys are hard to find. When you do find someone who is in your life no matter what and you believe that you are meant to be with do not let go. Second chances do not come around often and it is an amazing feeling when no matter what you go through you have the same guy to experience it with.

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