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The Guy Who Dissapears

Have you ever met a guy and everything was going great and then all of a sudden he dissapers? You re read old text and try to analyze your conversations you have had. You wonder what you did wrong and if you have abandonment issues you tell yourself it was bound to happen.

News Flash- It is nothing you did wrong, it was him. He probably has commitment issues or he does not want a relationship.

If you are with a guy and worry about saying the wrong thing and blame yourself when he leaves for saying something, stop. In relationships people are supposed to be able to talk about their feelings. They should not have to fear that the other person will leave if they bring up a certain topic.

All couples go through rough patches. It is how you get through it with each other that determines weather or not you are meant to be with each other.

People say it is about chemistry in a relationship, they are wrong. Trust, honesty and communication are what a relationship needs to survive. It is also a plus when you are friends first. If you cannot be yourself around your partener than you should not be with each other. In a relationship people should tell each other everything and not have to fear on weather or not their signifigant other will still be there.

If you are going through this, than do something about it. Talk to the guy because relationships are not about controlling or selfishness. It is about a happy medium where you both could be happy. Do not put the guy in control or make him see that you are a doormat. If he is going to leave than let him leave. There are tons of guys in the world and you should be with someone who does not flee when things get tough.

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