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The Gulf oil leak; Hope, Reality and Cataclysm


This will not be a good place to be if you live in South Florida.

What are the choices that we encounter with the Gulf of Mexico oil leak?

Certainly, people are aware that the situation in the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico is dire, even with a media blackout that keeps us from knowing how the citizens are affected.  The media is showing us around the clock a gushing well, what BP is doing or not doing and what it did or didn't do.  You can also see a few oily birds and turtles.  If that is real news and information, then we definitely have a media blackout.  The simple explanation for this is that the government is trying to keep the population calm and avoid a panic over something they have no control over.

Hoping that the oil leak can be stopped with the relief wells is what everyone wishes.   Reality is real and a wish is just a wish.  It is likely that most missed Bill Clinton saying that he doubts the relief wells will stop the leak and that eventually the Navy will have to move BP our of the way to blow up the well.  He said more, he also said that even that, might not be possible.  Clinton’s comments clearly show that wishful thinking for him went out the window.  Being and insider his opinion should not be taken lightly.

Perhaps a better plan with which to face the current events should be to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. It would be hard to argue that there is nothing wrong with planning ahead just in case that our wishes do not come true.   So far, every attempt that BP has made to stop the leak has failed.  To go under the assumption that the relief wells, which happens to be their best and last option will succeed, is not a very good plan for the people.  Even if we were to consider the explosion and sinking of the rig as just an act of bad luck, it does not take away the fact that this crisis was created by BP.  Who in their right mind is going to put all of their beads in one bag and let BP be the one holding it?  It almost sounds insane to go down that road.  Many have chosen not to take it and as a precautionary measure are looking for a better way to save themselves.

Going beyond hope and preparedness the third option cannot be ignored when scientist are observing the possibility of a cataclysmic event.  This whole situation is beginning to look like a script from Hollywood similar to “The Day after Tomorrow”.  Visit the link as a reminder.  The question many people are beginning to ask themselves is; where will they be the day after tomorrow?


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