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'The Guild' unleashes rockin' "I'm the One That's Cool" music video

As part of the official start of Felicia Day's much-hyped Geek and Sundry network, the cast from "The Guild" unleashed a rollicking new music video today titled "I'm the One That's Cool" which recasts the Guildies as a kick-ass rock-and-roll band.

Felicia rocks out
Knights of Good Productions

The video casts Codex (Day) as the glammed-up lead singer, rocking out and sticking it to all the bullies, bitches, and everyone else who taunted and tormented her and all the other geeks, only to see them now become rich, famous, respected, and of course cool. Backing her up is Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh) on drums, Vork (Jeff Lewis) on bass, Clara (Robin Thorsen) on keyboards, and finally Tink (Amy Okuda) and Bladezz (Vince Caso) on guitars. The video, directed by Jed Whedon, was shot back in November with a crowd of fans consisting of many extras who also appeared in Season 5 of “The Guild” (including yours truly.)

The song marks the third official music video starring the cast of "The Guild," after "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar" and "Game On." The G&S channel also launched with the first episodes of "The Flog" "Table Top" "Dark Horse Motion Comics," and the commercial-break-free, single-video first season of "The Guild."


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