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The guiding force of soul is the master of light

He entered into the world of mazal one of the countless that appear within your awakened mind . A light beckoned to him and he knew to that to follow it would transport him via that flow to the first level mazal. It is here that the attachment takes place and it is from here that you become familiar with the form of mazal. Here is what he found out...

Herein the place of meaning appears in various colors rich and filled with beauty
Herein the place of meaning appears in various colors rich and filled with beauty
Arise and Awaken

The master of your soul is the master of light. This is the guiding force. It causes the increasing unfolding of the direct path to the inner acknowledgment of the awakened word. It is in this flowing from one thing to another of that the truth which is unity where that unity can now appear in the light. So questions arise leading to tensions which then disturb the status quo.

The release for these tensions are the answers that come in. It is during conversations that you start to recognize the unity that finds two viewpoints linked together. It is like discovering that the companion of thought is none other that thought itself.

Now thought weaves itself into the myriad ways of its evolving conceptions. There is thus a constant rebirth of thought. This rebirth contains within itself the initial impetus of thought. This includes the various ramifications taking place along the way. All these ramifications, these kind of jumps in thought are what provide the clear movement of thought. Without this movement there would stasis or decay.

As such decay implies static or even repetitive thoughts caught up in a loop of sorts that is always destined to decay. But, yet as we reach higher in thought we take on the innate properties of thought. We experience an eternal connection of thought.

Ascension takes place only through connection. This connection arises level by level along the paths of unity. it is this unity that designed within Torah and elsewhere shows the road to the initiate. The more we move in thought the greater our perception of connection becomes.

The only confirmation that thought receives is from itself. What this means is that in the world around you there will be demonstrations of what you have been thinking about. These demonstrations will be both reverential and spot on. They answer questions showing the miraculous at work in your life.

It is a fundamental aspect of thought that it accrues to itself like thoughts. It does this in such a way that the fundamental principle is always accentuated. This is why when there is a meeting of the minds there is an uncanny convergence of ideas. In a group of many it will appear as if there is but one mind thinking.

So this is what happens. Thoughts reflect upon themselves. They go out and return strengthened and expanded by seeding in the undifferentiated substance. This process of thought bonding together ad infinitum is analogous to the compression of space. This compression theoretically induces a black hole where the attracting forces pull in upon themselves. In the same way thoughts compress and produce the situations of life guided by the principle of intention and the momentum of focused attention. B"H.

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