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The Guest Box

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Every item in your home probably has a place where it belongs, but when you add a guest into the mix, things can get disorganized quickly. Things can easily and mistakenly get misplaced. I’m sure we’ve all had experiences with this either as a guest or a host. Recently, as a guest in a friend’s home, I was given a box while we were in the kitchen, the common congregating area of the home. It was a simple box, used for Costco groceries, so it was rather large. I found myself subconsciously placing my laptop, purse, jewelry, and my travel junk in the box. When I didn’t know where to put something of mine while there, I put it in that box. The box served as a place for me to unload when I returned to the house, and when I didn’t know where something of mine was located, I checked the box. There it was! Not only was the box useful in containing my “stuff,” I also felt more comfortable as a guest. I highly recommend getting a “guest box” when having people to your house, and bring your own when you are a guest.