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The Guardians of the Galaxy are at Subway

We are a total fan of fast food kid mean giveaways, seriously, we even wrote a book about it back in 2001 (Kiddie Meal Collectibles). We are also a huge fan of funnybooks (having read them since the age of eight). Needless to say, we are always excited whenever these two worlds meet as they are doing this month at Subways restaurants. That’s right, if you stop into any participating Subway restaurant this month, and order a kids’ meal, you receive a special mini-backpack that ties into Marvel Comic’s upcoming film, The Guardians of the Galaxy. There are six brightly colored string bags each emblazoned with a different character from the highly-anticipated flick.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are at Subway
Marvel, Subway
The Guardians of the Galaxy are at Subway
Subway, Marvel

There will also be in-store signage, as well as to-go cups and other disposable merchandise. Each of the to-go cups will also feature a special code that can be entered into Subway’s online database where winners can receive various prizes (and we are told that every cup is a winner). These prizes include a year-long gym membership, a year’s worth of free Subway subs, movie tickets, concession cash and digital comics. Plus, no matter what your code gives you, you can earn a free movie ticket for every five you enter.

In the past Subway has partnered up with comic book companies a number of times, bringing us toys relating to Spider-Man, Iron Man 3 Green Lantern, and now the Guardians of the Galaxy. Truthfully, we personally prefer actual toys, instead of these lunch pail-sized bags that Subway is currently issuing, still we are still excited to see that there are still superhero giveaways that are still being issued, especially in today’s overly-protective culture where some folks are denigrating fast food venues from issuing such giveaways for fear of reprisals from parental groups.


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