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Global dumping
Global dumping
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Remember in kindergarden when your teacher placed reality into our thinking caps when she would ask, “What happens when you throw something away? Where does it go?” As children, it was okay to have the creativity to think it would disappear, fly into space, or just disappear. But what about today?

Lets move forward a few years, okay decades. “What happens when you throw something away? Where does it go?” At this point in our lives, we should be doing something about the problem. Unfortunately, we are all guilty of consuming more than we need, but when we realize that we are dumping our trash in other countries, such as electronics, this is troubling. And even if the garbage is burned, the toxic chemicals in the surrounding areas is not healthy for any human being. Think about it, the toxic air they breathe and the water they drink can not be healthy. Therefore, if we are not doing something to reduce our carbon footprint, then we are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

There has to be a way to recycle electronics on American soil and reuse it for other purposes. Creating electronics that will last longer than a year is a start, then repurposing the products. Creativity is all around us, we should be able to create a solution.

Now we know what happens when you throw something away and now we know where it goes, so let’s put on out thinking caps and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.