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The Growing Trend of Utah Women in Tech

Women's role in the workforce has grown dramatically over the last few decades and nowhere is that trend as visible as in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to a recent article, it turns out that women in Utah know a thing or two when it comes to entrepreneurship and have surpassed the average in starting new businesses in the US. As of late last year, the article went on to say that Utah "has an estimated 72,800 women-owned firms, employing 58,300 workers, and those companies are expected to generate $13 billion in sales."

One such example of a woman entrepreneur is Amy Rees, who started a company that sells and installs medical scheduling software. She has since sold the business for about $300 million dollars. Her success has made her a role model for women across Utah with the same dreams and aspirations. Although, when she was starting out there weren't as many women in tech, she successfully found a niche market and turned her idea into a multimillion-dollar giant.

The majority of women entrepreneurs in Utah, however, focus on small businesses that offer flexibility instead of being driven by the bottom line. One reason that there might not be as many women in tech is due to the lack of investors in Utah says Annette McClellan. Another reason might be the lack of enrollment in the science and math classes. A larger emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in school will encourage girls, at a younger age, to focus on these types of subjects.

Change is coming to Utah, more and more girls are becoming interested in STEM subjects, and successful women entrepreneurs are here to help and mentor these hopeful young entrepreneurs. Rees Anderson is one of those women and is doing her part by "starting an investment firm called REES Capital as well as a foundation dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship." She's also "putting together a new fund specifically for women entrepreneurs."

Positive changes are taking place in Utah's tech industry and women are becoming a leading force behind the growth.

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