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The Growing In Popularity Werewolf Diet

There's a new fad diet that have a few celebrities buzzing called the Werewolf Diet.

Celebrities like Madonna and Demi Moore have been known to be following the werewolf diet recently. This is a new fad diet that consists of fasting on juice and water for 24 hours. Creators of the diet claim you could lose up to 6 pounds with in that first 24 hours. Some people and celebrities just follow the full diet while others just do one or two days to get down to the weight they desire.

The werewolf diet follows the cycle of the moon. The dieter must start during either the full or new moon. For the first 24 hours the dieter must only consume juice or water. Once the 24 hours is up, you are now allowed to eat sensible solid foods until the next cycle begins. Depending on when you started, when the full or new moon comes you must once again fast for 24 hours. On the days you are not fasting you are advised to be drinking 8 glasses of water a day and you are not to eat after 6 p.m.

It is thought by some celebrities and others that the first 24 hours of the werewolf diet you are just shedding water weight but after that you begin to shed fat. There are 4 phases of the moon; full, waning, new, and waxing moon. Each phase is a bit different from the other, for example; during the waxing moon you should be eating less than normal and avoiding the sweets. As moonlight becomes visible, your eating can continue the next morning.

The idea of the werewolf diet is that the moon’s affect on the water applies to the water in the human body as well. It is thought that whenever the moon is new or full, the water weight someone gains or loses is affected by the gravitational pull.

Although celebrities do it, the werewolf diet is not suggested and should be talked about with your health care provider before beginning. Any diet that involves fasting may only be a temporary weight loss solution. Once you begin eating again you will notice you will gain back some weight. The best way to lose weight is by eating smaller portions and exercising daily. Do not follow what celebrities do to lose weight if it seems unsafe.


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