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The Grove Cafe on Chestnut St. - Where fresh meets fantastic

Mac & Cheese, Apple Chicken Salad, Vine-Ripened BLT & Beer on tap
Mac & Cheese, Apple Chicken Salad, Vine-Ripened BLT & Beer on tap
Courtesy of The Grove

Hungry and just want to sneak away from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life for a bite?  The perfect nook has been found.

Relax, take a breath and escape to The Grove Cafe on 2250 Chestnut Street.  A corner hide-away that has an inner decor making one feel safe and warm as though inside a log cabin (fireplace, plaid, earthy tones included) and outdoor seating that offers the rewards of perfect people watching weather. 

A wonderful spot to cozy up with a good read, and the ideal meeting place for friends to share a glass of wine or beer on tap or enjoy the comfort of deliciously fresh, filling and house-made foods like the amazingly hearty Chicken Pot Pie ($10.00), a healthy alternative to the classic with whole chunks of tender chicken breast paired with carrots and peas in a light cream broth with a thin but crisp golden pastry crust, and the renowned rich yet incredibly satisfying Mac & Cheese ($10.00), a mixing bowl of cheddar, fontina, jack and blue cheeses dusted with a topping of scrumptious breadcrumbs.  

If the belly is in the mood for taking a more green scenic route, the salads will definitely lead to the right hunger path. The Apple Chicken Salad ($10.00) takes the win with a spritz of champagne vinaigrette on a bed of leafy greens blanketed with candied walnuts, tart yet tasteful Granny Smith apples, crumbles of blue cheese and juicy pieces of chicken breast.    

Still not striking a fancy?  The sandwiches are not only a beauty, but a good friend to the doggie-bag.  Try the Vine-Ripened BLT ($9.00), the Sauteed Pear & Gorgonzola ($7.50) or the 3-Cheese Grilled Cheese ($7.00).  One of the three will surely take the tummy for a smooth ride.  

All in all, one can't go wrong with the offerings of the Grove Cafe.  Appetizers of Hummus ($7.00) and the Smoked Salmon Platter ($9.25) are favorites, yet crowd-goers will most likely agree that the breakfast menu takes the crown.

Tomorrow morning if the hometown blues are calling, try a new locale that meshes comfort, class and a clarity for hunger.

  • The Grove Cafe - 2250 Chestnut St. ; (415) 474-4843