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The group behind Denver's anti-Christmas billboards

Atheist sound bite.
Atheist sound bite.
Freedom from Religion Foundation

Who is this mysterious out-of-state group paying for anti-Christmas billboards in Denver?

They are a "nontheist" group determined to aggressively push their version of church-state relations.

Atheism--or nontheism as some prefer--has been underground in the Christian West for centuries.

In early America it was even accounted a public scandal to be marked a deist let alone an atheist.

But the proper history of American atheistic and humanistic emphasis on separation of religion and state is found in the latter half of the eighteenth century.

A small group of anti-Christian secularists pushed for a Constitutional Amendment to settle this issue once and for all. They wanted to remove church and ministerial tax-exemptions, military chaplaincy and anything else that purportedly violated the First Amendment.

They failed.

Fast-forward one-hundred years to 1978. The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) was incorporated in Wisconsin. It is a national organization of "atheists, agnostics and skeptics of any pedigree." Of the 16,000 members of FFRF, 500 are Coloradoans.

Its two-fold goal is to defend separation of church and state and to educate the populace about "nontheism."

What do they do besides put up billboards in Denver?

These are a few things: "Files lawsuits! Publishes the only freethought newspaper in the United States, Freethought Today. Promotes freedom from religion with educational products..."

This same group has filed in court against Colorado's Day of Prayer. Recently they appealed their failed court challenge.

It is interesting that this organization is heavily involved with lawsuits.

In contrast, during the first one-hundred years of the US Constitution, lawsuits against the prevailing Christian practices of days of thanksgiving, chaplaincy or Sunday laws were rare. The prevailing ethos was pro-Protestant. And the laws reflected that ethos.

Today there is no prevailing Protestant ethos. At this rate, the FFRF may become more successful in the future. Perhaps they will follow their predecessors and push to remove church tax-exemptions and the military chaplaincy.



  • xexon 4 years ago

    The only thing that is happening here is an equalization of forces. Just like when you open an airlock.

    We haven't popped the airlock on church/state in quite a while now. Christianity has been dancing so hard on the American stage, it didn't let anyone else on.

    This caused decades of resentment to build up among non Christians who belong to other religions, and non religious people in general who where just plain tired of you and your overlord status in this country.

    The main fury directed at you comes from your involvement in politics rather than God. It is the Christian right that keeps our relationship with Israel artificially inflated for public view. And generates terrorists in our direction in return.

    It's one of the most glaring examples of what happens when religion gets involved in politics.

    You have endangered ALL of us. Not because of your belief in God, but because of your belief in this government. that tells you what you like to hear, even as it commits human atrocities around the globe in your name.


  • KD 4 years ago

    Church tax exemptions are ridiculous especially when there are mega churches with private jets.
    Military chaplains i could only imagine are about as useful as any chaplain- they make money out of pushing ideas which have no real effect on anybody other than the religious.

    Atleast gays can openly serve in the military now ... Know who also files lawsuits? people who were molested by preachers... o wait thats catholics though right ? whats the difference?

  • KD 4 years ago

    Serious question Shawn - Do you think that everybody should obey the church over state?

    Whos church ? what book ? and should evolution be taught in schools?

    If you cant answer these questions than you shouldnt write articles.

  • Profile picture of Shawn Mathis
    Shawn Mathis 4 years ago

    KD--I'm confused. Do you carefully read my articles and responses? This is not a tongue and cheek question. You need to really step back and take a deep breath.

    I suspect my regular readers skip over your comments knowing your poor track record. So, for your sake, re-read my articles (and comments) and refine your questions accordingly.

    I already explained that I do not believe that the church should run the state--twice.

    On the flip side, what standard do you think the state should follow? Majority rules? Oligarchy? Throwing questions but never giving away your position can easily be interpreted as being dogmatic.

  • Profile picture of Shawn Mathis
    Shawn Mathis 4 years ago

    KD--your larger question--by what standard--is a good article topic I hope to cover soon.

    Check back and find my answers.

  • KD 4 years ago

    Poor track record ? You cant even answer a question.

    Your a child who cant even answer questions about your articles.

    You cant answer simple questions.

    ?nuff said

  • Profile picture of Shawn Mathis
    Shawn Mathis 4 years ago

    "Nuff said"--do you promise?

  • KD 4 years ago

    I did laugh at your article about not celebrating christmas.

    Didnt you know that its all about giving gifts? sounds like you celebrate christmas

    Keep writing i like to get a good laugh

  • S.C 4 years ago

    KD you are goin all devil without a cause here (all pun intended) haha. In which question would you like an answer to? The couple rhetorical questions you posed? Or the main one which Shawn answered in the article and in his comment?

    You like to complain just for the sake of complaining. But that is what this country is all about now isn't it? Letting people complain and whine about anything they wish instead of dragging them into the streets and beheading them for being heretics? Or is it in fact you KD who would like to see the church overrun the state and revert us back to the dark ages?

    Of course in modern times none of those things would happen even if any prominent church wiped out the constitution but you should get the inference. I fully believe that there needs to be a much wider separation of church and state in regards to the way policies and laws are enacted and carried out. Maybe a Don't Ask Don't Tell type of law in regards to ones faith? Officials should not be elected based upon their religious belief but instead upon their human morals and ethics. However they learned or were instilled with those morals and ethics need not matter. I know more atheists that have far less hatred, greed, jealousy, and any number of the other 7 deadly sins in their hearts than those of religious beliefs whom hold office now.

    And no that is not a bash at religion. I know plenty of religious people that are good too. I am just sayin though.

  • KD 4 years ago

    Yeah im annoyed that Shawn cannot answer questions- many from past articles. You really expect just one question when politics and religion are brought up? He has offered to interveiw me but he doesnt want to be interveiwed which is just strange.

    Complaint is seen by those who want it- you want a comment then keep complaining SC

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