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'The Grim Sleeper' based on a true story to air on Lifetime

Ernie Hudson
Photo by Beth Gwinn/Getty Images

Another new movie is coming to Lifetime this weekend. On March 14, Boston shared about this upcoming movie "The Grim Sleeper" which will air on March 15 on Lifetime. It is based on a true story of a serial killer.

This killer went over young women and a lot of them were prostitutes. Journalist Christine Pelisek actually helped make sure that these crimes ended up being talked about and that everyone knew about these victims. She was even used to help make the true crime movie.

The movie will actually follow the reporter who helped put the crimes together and figure out what was going on. The killings started in the 1980s and went on into the 2000s. He would find these women and normally just took them somewhere, shot them, and then dumped them. They did finally arrest someone but he has actually plead not guilty and has not had to go to trial yet.

Don't miss "The Grim Sleeper" on March 15 on Lifetime. After the movie, don't miss "Beyond the Headlines" which will show the true story behind the movie.

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