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The Greenport ice rink - where to eat and how to dress for ice skating on the North Fork

Hockey skates are for rent at the Greenport ice rink
Hockey skates are for rent at the Greenport ice rink

The Greenport ice rink is located on front street in downtown Greenport. It is an outdoor rink that is assembled each winter in Mitchell Park and taken down in the spring. It overlooks the bay where the Shelter Island ferries come into Greenport.

The ice is well maintained and the rink is big enough to have fun, even if it gets crowded. On weekdays, the rink opens at 3:00. Arriving right at three will allow skaters to have the ice practically all to themselves for awhile, or on some days, until closing.

How to dress for ice skating in Greenport

Unless it is below 30 degrees, kids will probably end up in just a sweatshirt-jacket, so don't insist that they wear their down coats. Instead, encourage them to dress in layers. They may even take off their hat and gloves. If they don't fall down a lot there is no need for snow pants, but if it's a warmer day and they are prone to falling their pants will get wet and they'll get cold. Bring snow pants or a pair of dry pants to change into just in case.

People who come just to chaperone and not to skate, should  put on long underwear, several layers of clothes, hat, scarf, gloves and down coat, even on the 30 degree days. People coming east from Riverhead or from points further west should assume that it will be at least ten degrees colder at the rink than at their home. It is always colder and cloudier out east and there is usually a wind whipping up off the water. By 4:30 when the sun starts getting lost, it feels like it drops another 5 or 10 degrees.

Aldo's coffee, organic food, and the Harbor Deli

There is a small shack with a heater that people could stand in to get warm(er.) Indoor rest rooms have replaced the port-a-potties (yay!!) Aldo's is right next store and Starbuck's is across the street (choose Aldo's - supporting the local merchants is no sacrifice when it comes to Aldo's, people will be glad they went local. Don't forget to try the scones and biscotti. And rumor has it that those little chocolate dipped biscotti will be back soon) There is a natural, organic and vegetarian market and cafe across the street and one block east and a deli on the way to it.

Call first, before making the trip

On warmer days or when there has been a lot of rain the rink may not open. Call 477-2200 and dial extension 2. If no one answers the phone by fifteen or thirty minutes after scheduled opening, assume that they are closed. Skating costs $10 for adults on weekends and holidays and $6 for kids and seniors. The price is half Monday through Friday. Skaters can bring their own skates or rent a pair of figure or hockey skates for $2.

Hours are Monday and Friday 3 - 6 and 6:30 - 9:30 for teens; Tues - Thurs 3 - 5; Saturday 11 - 6, Sunday 11 - 5:30


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