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The green way to become rodent free

The green way to become rodent free
The green way to become rodent free

Let's face it, the only mouse which should be in your humble abode is the one attached to your computer. As we enter Spring and then venture into the hot and humid days of Summer, those furry little creatures which scamper throughout the house after the witching hour will be terrorizing folks mentally and physically. This really needn't be the case.

When it comes to rodents, there are many avenues you can use to get rid of them. Unfortunately, many of these are not the safest or healthiest things to humans (or pets). You can use the old fashioned mouse trap but then you would have to come into contact with the dead critter and the fact is, many rodents carry diseases which can be transferred to humans (or pets). There are of course the various poisons and these are never good to have around if you have children or pets. So, what is a human to do? Simple, deter the little Mickey wanna-be's the green way.

Simple fact: Rodents hate peppermint! Go to your local nursery and buy some peppermint plants. Plant them around your home and Mickey and Minnie will stay away (and you'll have fresh peppermint for your culinary needs). If you find the spots where the rodents squeeze into your home, soak some rags in peppermint oil and place them over the area in question. There is no need to kill the little munchers!

By-the-way, if you do these things you will also have a fresh and natural scent surrounding you.

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