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The Green Fay’s musical magic

Here in the Puget Sound we are blessed to have a band known as Green Fay as one of our local treasures. The lead singer of the group, Mahlora, takes you down a magical journey with her lyrics that sometimes take you back to a place you once knew or deeper into your own soul. If you have not listened to them you are missing out on a magical and spiritual experience that is second to none.

The Green Fay’s musical magic
Heather Marseillan

Currently, Green Fay has one CD out called In the Garden and you can find it at a few of our local shops such as Crystal Voyage in Tacoma and also on iTunes. Mahlora and the rest of the Green Fay family have been sharing a few of their songs for their second CD on Sound Cloud. Although they have not announced a released date for their new CD they have released the name of it, Shadow and Light.

Unlike many Pagan themed albums, both In the Garden and Shadow and Light take you down good journeys and bad, much in the same way as the title of the newest CD, Shadow and Light. Listening to Mahlora and the rest of the Green Fay is like nothing else you have ever experienced. One listener described their song, In the Garden, by saying “it was like listening to a description of what I saw in my garden in my childhood home, full of mystical beings and wonder.” After spending some time listening to the Green Fay’s new song, Shadow and Light, the same listener described it as “a song from my own heart, as though Mahlora could hear my soul.”

We hope to see the Green Fay in concert more this year and look forward to their every event.