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The green drink alternative

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Dyed-green beers and green high-fructose syrup cocktails and shots – as long as it’s green, it’s acceptable to drink on St. Patrick’s day.

Instead of consuming toxic chemicals that break down the immune system and alcohol that suppresses it, why not order a round of green shots that actually boost the immune system and nourish your body? Wheatgrass shots.

According to Green Health Inc., one shot of wheatgrass contains 103 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The nutritional value of one ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to the nutritional value of about 2.5 pounds of raw green vegetables. Wheatgrass cleanses and purifies the body by activating the white blood cells, which boost the body’s immune system.

Make your own in a wheatgrass juicer, or purchase a round from restaurants that serve them: Embody Natural Health in Lawrenceville and Wexford.

You will remain festive, while simultaneously nourishing your body – and sticking to that New Year’s resolution you made two and a half months ago!