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The green coats are coming!  The green coats are coming!

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Dateline: 4/20/2014 Nevada, the Bundy ranch

Americans took a stand for liberty and freedom from oppression by a tyrannical government this week at the ranch of Cliven Bundy. Tyrants in Washington labelled them “domestic terrorists,” and called on federal troops to disarm them and kill any who resist. Federal forces have been deployed to stop Bundy's cattle from grazing on land reserved for endangered turtles refusing to pay the government extortion fee. Militia went to the defense of Bundy whose property was being seized by some two hundred heavily armed federal agents.

In this conflict, American militia at the scene to protect the Bundy family need to remember that these federal agents, even though they rustled and slaughtered some of his cattle, are not the enemy, but are following the instructions of elected leaders. Those troopers need to remember whom they swore to serve and protect. Democrats are not sending American law enforcement to stop Mexican drug dealers who are murdering people on our borders with the automatic weapons sold to them by AG Eric Holder and President Obama. They are sending them to terrorize law abiding people and shakedown a businessman over a bogus fee.

Reid goes on TV and vomits evil from his mouth

The Green Movement of the Left is putting American business under the boot of government killing jobs in the process, while the liberty of American citizens is being put under the gun of Democrats. Democrats label Republicans as being the party for the rich, but Democrats have more rich members and donors than the Republicans whom they demonize for the very same thing. The corruption of America’s government by Democrats over the last century has led to a corruption of American values, which results in America’s decline.

Why are our LAWMAKERS NOT BOUND by our LAWS?