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The Green at House of Blues Anaheim 17 April 2014

I've been to a lot of shows in my life, and every one of them has been a little different. One constant is that the most easygoing crowds are at reggae and ska shows. It's refreshing to be at a show that has a distinct lack of meatheads that want to use the music as an excuse to fight. The next time I see two fueled-up lunkheads fight at a reggae show will be the first time.

Stick Figure gets the crowd warmed up
Stick Figure gets the crowd warmed up
Gary Schwind

The Green played the second of two shows at the House Of Blues and the crowd was there soaking up the good vibes and good tunes.

I arrived when Stick Figure was onstage, and I was pretty impressed. The band played catchy melodies and fat rhythms (thanks mostly to a five-string bass) that got the crowd warmed up for The Green. Oh, and you know how OC music fans often show up only in time for the headliner? Well, Stick Figure played to a room that was already packed.

The Green took the stage and received as an enthusiastic a response as expected. The audience sang along, hollered, and roared its approval whenever the band played a fan favorite. One thing is for sure: no one in the audience seemed to mind how hot the room was as long as they were hearing their favorite tunes.