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The greatest gift single men can give their beloved

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Aaahhhh –February – the month when romance perfumes the air. However, the pure and holy joy of married intimacy, which was the original plan of God for couples, has been corrupted and perverted in the sexual revolution. True love has been replaced by unbridled lust and passion to which the innocent are now victim. The sexual revolution of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s has failed. Instead of setting people free, society is now slave to moral rebellion.

Last month at the Merritt Island, Fla. Aglow International meeting, Audrey Werner, founder of The Matthew XVIII Group, revealed some results of this failure. Society has seen a phenomenal rise in teen pregnancy, unwed motherhood, and single family homes headed by women, as well as drastic increases in sexually transmitted diseases and abortions. There is no such thing as safe, unmarried sex. How can this onslaught against innocence be countered?

In a 1994 article, former Washington Redskins football player Darrell Green said, “ … whether I’m right or wrong about taking such a strong stand on saving sex for marriage will be proven over the next few years as people put [abstinence] into practice. But, if young people continue to do what I’ve heard (Surgeon General) Jocelyn Elders say, I think we’re going to have a problem.”

The Word of God instructs single men that it is not good to touch a woman, but if they can’t contain themselves, then they should marry her. Our heavenly Father made us sensitive to touch, and a woman can misunderstand and get the wrong signal, when a male touches her. On the other hand, women must be mindful that men are sensitive to sight. Wearing body hugging clothes, items that come higher up the leg than where their fingertips reach when their arms are extended at their side, and anything that reveals cleavage, can cause a brother in the Lord to stumble.

LA Lakers basketball player A.C. Green also took a strong position on celibacy. He had this to say about it, “[Abstinence] doesn’t really have anything to do with a person’s religious background. It’s about self-control ... identifying your core values as a person.”

So, how should men behave towards their loved one? Avoid physical activities that tempt your flesh such as prolonged kissing or sensual touching. Hold hands, skip and laugh together, give holy hugs only. Use your time with each other to be open and talk about what matters to you, but save intimacy talk for after the engagement. Avert your eyes from scantily clad females and take every sensual thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Don’t even imagine intimacy prior to the wedding night. Just say “NO!,” and put it out of your mind.

Be diligent to do these things and, on your wedding night, you can present your bride with the precious gift of your virginity … and hers.

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