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The greatest '09 holiday games you've never heard of Part 3: Saw


So it might not technically be day three anymore, but I’ve long believed that if you haven’t gone to bed it’s still the same day. Parts 1 and 2 of my 5 part series of my “Greatest 09 Games You’ve Never Heard of” series covered soon to be classic gems, The Saboteur and This is Vegas, but Part 3 is where the metal hits the meat so to say. Come along with me as we delve deeper into what some critics are saying is going to be “one of the scariest games of all time.”

Name: Saw

Developed By: Zombie Studios

Published by:  Komani

Release Date: October 6th 2009 (Consoles)             October 31st 2009 (PC)

Genre: Survival Horror

Systems: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Details of where the video game fits into the Saw Franchise are yet to be released, but what has been revealed so far is that players control Detective Tapp, played by Danny Glover in the films, who has been kidnapped by the Jigsaw Killer and placed in an asylum with room to torturous room filled with deadly traps. Players will learn along with Tapp how he came to be in the asylum by collecting “Jigsaw Tapes” that reveal not only the origin of our protagonist’s plight, but how he just might survive. It has been revealed that Jigsaw has put a key to the asylum in Tapp’s chest and has informed it’s inmates that by killing him they would be free. So not only does Tapp have to avoid traps to survive, he also has to fight an entire asylum of crazed killers. According to the game’s press release “Jigsaw’s traps will feature quick time events, reaching into broken glass to grab a key before a ‘pain meter’ fills up, and avoiding shotgun rigged doorways.” It has also been mentioned that the game will feature multiple endings based on decision that the player makes while inside the asylum.

It might not make a whole lot of sense, but there will multiplayer included in Saw when it hits store shelves. Details on the multiplayer have not been revealed other than the fact that "working together will help you survive The Game.” Anyone who is a fan of the Saw movie franchise knows that there have been several traps over the years that have required two or more participants to solve. Putting two players in a trap and forcing them to make sacrifices in order to survive presents an array of interesting possibilities. For instance, if a trap requires one of the players to cut off their index finger, would the responsibility of shooting to defend the group fall on Player 2? I for one cannot wait to find out.
And mark my words; this will become a game of controversy for its violence. Already activist groups are complaining about one scene that allows players to cut open bodies and sift through their insides to retrieve a key. This scenario was particularly criticized for being "sick" and "tasteless".

Tomorrow I’ll be posting part 4 of the Greatest Games You Didn’t Know You Could Play This Holiday Season, and trust me... the best is yet to come.