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The great left-wing conspiracy against Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry suffers a great left-wing conspiracy in a smear to put down the potential presidential candidate.  Billionaire George Soros is believed to have funded the ill-intentioned effort.
Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images

A left-wing conspiracy to smear presidential hopeful, Rick Perry, swings in full force while the media remains mute as part of the coverup.

Rick Perry, of all people, was indicted on a charge of abuse of power, according to the Wall St. Journal. In what way did he abuse his power as Texas governor? Taking a stand on principle, Perry simply withheld state funds from a group of prosecutors when his district attorney, a Democrat, refused to resign after a drunk driving conviction.

  • The very drunken Democrat was D.A. Rosemary Lehmberg, whose blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit.
  • The funds that Perry withheld totaled $7.5 million. Those dollars never got to the intended receiver, the Travis County Public Integrity Unit, a group also undeserving of its name.

The purpose of the indictment was to besmirch Perry as a potential presidential candidate. But, it backfired as Perry declared the indictment as politically motivated.

When David Axelrod, Lanny Davis, Alan Dershowitz, Jonathan Chait all say that this is sketchy, outrageous, totalitarian and McCarthyite, I agree with them—and that's just on the Democratic side.

Even Democrat Lanny Davis said, “I can't intellectually find an argument that passes the laugh test with this one."

For all of its coverage of the story, the media has not mentioned that the $500,000 funding for the left-wing coalition that filed against Perry came from billionaire George Soros. This shows that the media can silence the story but money can’t quite cover it up.

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