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The great jobs

A friend told me several years ago that people are their occupation that our identity is deeply tied to what we do for work. Perhaps an occupation that requires over a third of our waking hours should be something with which we identify. I decided it would be interesting to write about some great jobs in life.

Rock Star. Can there a better job? If you were afflicted with stage fright, the nightly walk to center stage would be akin to my five minutes of dread I experienced before entering the bank where I used to work. But if you are the type who loves the spotlight and the adulation, then Rock Star is the beacon.

I was watching the DVD Paul McCartney Live in Red Square. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It is as fine a music and political documentary as you will find anywhere. Presented larger than life is Sir Paul, a poor working class kid from Liverpool who not only makes it big but also manages to sustain a high profile career through five decades and is credited for bringing down the Soviet Union. Now we can have a two coffee pot discussion about the premise that Paul and The Beatles knocked the pins out from under the Communists, but the dude’s got a great job.

Sir Paul clearly lives the music as much as the music lives in him. Traveling around the world and still playing to soldout crowds in the worlds largest concert stadiums qualifies as a good deal. Of course, Paul, John, George and Ringo spent years learning their craft before becoming overnight sensations. But isn’t that what all great jobs require? You hone your skills on the job, whether it’s in a factory, an office or a tiny stage in Hamburg, Germany.

So let’s raise a glass for Sir Paul - To having one of the best jobs in the world.

Rock on!