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The Great Give

May 6th is the Great Give in many communities across this nation. is a nationally recognized event with is sponsored and then has matching local regional and national sponsors; giving back into our own communities. What a thought, giving back right in our own backyard. We all give and then question where that donation actually did go. Many of us will target our donations to be used within our own county, others will give on a national or world level.

The Great Give actually will allow us to target whichever of these (national, world, our own backyard) we want. And even better we can also narrow our target donation to the exact spot we want. Suppose we are looking to help animals which have been given up due to their age; if there is an organization in our community which does just this, all they will need to do is be registered and we can give to them. Of course there is also the Easter Seals, Food Banks and on the list goes, however we can still ask that our donation go to our local community.

Many of us feel we have been able to do just this any time we have wanted outside of The Great Give. And we may be fortunate enough to do that. However, if we give to a national organization how do we really know? This way we target out donation (online to their website) Elder Dog Rescue/_____, County/State, very specific, yes. That donation will stay in that state. You ask how, the concept is that by using the 501C registration number for Nonprofits, the money stays in that organization.

The day is May 6th 2014 and the catchment is The Great Give - in individual counties. Be sure to check with local organizations for more information. And give back to the community of residence. We can all help our neighbors.

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