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'The Great Food Truck Race' has ‘Dinner Dates, Austin Style’

Tonight's Food Network episode of “The Great Food Truck Race” starring Tyler Florence was titled “Dinner Dates, Austin Style.” As the teams drive their trucks and cars to the destination in Austin, Texas, they discuss their strategy. One problem exists; Tyler is always ready to throw a monkey wrench in their plans.

Host of The Great Food Truck Race Tyler Florence
Photo by Aaron Davidson

With six teams ready to battle it out, they saw the Gourmet Graduates truck leave the competition last week while the rest vie for the ultimate food truck plus $50,000 in seed money. The teams left to battle it out are:

Beach Cruiser from Venice Beach, California. Surfer Gretta has teamed up with professional chef Shane and sous chef Nicole to serve Southern California food across America.

Let There Be Bacon from Cleveland, Ohio are three chefs; Matt, Dylan and Jon. They are devoted to one of the basic food groups in the North, bacon. Their plans to open a restaurant were put on hold when Matt got cancer, but he is fine now and raring to go.

Lone Star Chuck Wagon from Houston, Texas. The three teammates are; Lance, Rachel and Andrea who hope to bring Texas barbeque to the population.

Madres Mexican Meals from Norwalk, California. Javier loves to cook and got his inspiration from the women in his life, so he brought them along, his wife Senorina and his mother Luisa, to bring authentic Mexican to the people.

Middle Feast from Los Angeles, California. Tommy and his sister Hilla with their friend Arkadi hope to bring food from the Israel to America.

Military Moms; Carol, Michelle and Wendy from Fort Drum, New York. Their husbands are in the military and they show their strength by raising their families with the knowledge that their husbands may not come home.

As they all arrive in Austin, the Lone Star Chuck Wagon hopes to kick some serious behind in this Texas town. As Tyler gives them all $250 seed money, they put their keys in a pot. When Tyler picks them out, the holder must choose a team to partner with. Lone Star Chuck Wagon chooses the Military Moms, Let There Be Bacon chooses Middle Feast, Beach Cruisers are left with Madres Mexican Meals. Each truck will park no more than ten feet from the other, they will not share sales or money. Each truck has an open menu.

As they finish their shopping, they call and search for great places to park. When Beach Cruisers and Madres arrive at their location, it is dead. Lone Star and Military Moms are just starting to get busy. Tyler calls them to attend a event and each food item will give them a token worth $25. As each truck tries to sell a single item for the token, the Lone Star truck is giving all three for the token and taking most of the business. Matt on the Bacon truck is having extreme pain, he is a cancer survivor, but his feet hurt and Jon offers to buy him a pair of shoes. They truly care for each other on each truck.

On Day Two, Tyler calls the teams, and each truck will swap trucks, and cook the food from their partner’s truck. They will keep the money that they make, and the three highest sales will win $500, $250 and $100 added to their till. Tommy on the Middle Feast truck is grossed out by the bacon, because it is not kosher. Finally Tyler calls the swap off, and everyone is delighted.

On the third day, they gathered around for the elimination, and together, they sold less than in Tucson. For the challenges when they swapped trucks, the Bacon truck won the $500, Beach Cruisers came in second and got the $250, and in third was a tie, Middle Feast and Madres each received $100. In first place, Beach Cruisers two weeks in a row. Middle Feast was second, third place went to Let There Be Bacon, fourth place Lone Star Chuck Wagon, leaving Madres and Military Moms, with a difference of $6, Madres. Sorry to see the Military Moms going home, but the equivalent of their earnings this week will go to the Wounded Warrior Project in their names.

Tyler announced the next destination for the remaining five teams is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on the next episode of “The Great Food Truck Race.”

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