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'The Great Food Truck Race' are ‘Hot Doggin’ It in Tucson’ on Food Network

Tonight's Food Network episode of “The Great Food Truck Race” starring Tyler Florence was titled “Hot Doggin’ It in Tucson.” As the teams drive their trucks and cars to the destination in Tucson, they discuss their strategy. One problem exists; Tyler is always ready to throw a monkey wrench in their plans.

Sadly, one team had to leave on The Great Food Truck Race
Gourmet Graduates Facebook Page

With seven teams ready to battle it out, they saw the Chatty Chicken truck leave the competition last week while the rest vie for the ultimate food truck plus $50,000 in seed money. The teams left to battle it out are:

Beach Cruiser from Venice Beach, California. Surfer Gretta has teamed up with professional chef Shane and sous chef Nicole to serve Southern California food across America.

Gourmet Graduates from Providence, Rhode Island, the three young recent grads from culinary school know what is hot and trending. They are; Keese, Roberto and Julius, and each have triumphed over adversity. Julius was born with cerebral palsy, but his speech impediment does not stop him from bringing in people to the truck.

Let There Be Bacon from Cleveland, Ohio are three chefs; Matt, Dylan and Jon. They are devoted to one of the basic food groups in the North, bacon. Their plans to open a restaurant were put on hold when Matt got cancer, but he is fine now and raring to go.

Lone Star Chuck Wagon from Houston, Texas. The three teammates are; Lance, Rachel and Andrea who hope to bring Texas barbeque to the population.

Madres Mexican Meals from Norwalk, California. Javier loves to cook and got his inspiration from the women in his life, so he brought them along, his wife Senorina and his mother Luisa, to bring authentic Mexican to the people.

Middle Feast from Los Angeles, California. Tommy and his sister Hilla with their friend Arkadi hope to bring food from the Israel to America.

Military Moms; Carol, Michelle and Wendy from Fort Drum, New York. Their husbands are in the military and they show their strength by raising their families with the knowledge that their husbands may not come home.

As they all arrive in Old Tucson, a town where so many Western movies were filmed, they hear Tyler give them instructions. This week they will be concentrating on marketing. He is giving them $300 seed money, with the stipulation that they must spend $100 on marketing.

Each truck has their own method of marketing; from the Gourmet Graduates spraying their hair green to match their truck, to Lone Star Chuck Wagon raffling an MP3 player. Some call local radio stations, the Beach Cruiser is having a pool party. Some have been lucky enough to have a local bar allow them to park on their premises.

The Gourmet Grads start arguing with each other, putting their place in the competition in jeopardy. Get it together guys! When Tyler calls the trucks, he is adding a fourth item to their menu. They must make a Sonoran Hot Dog, a bacon-wrapped hotdog with Mexican ingredients, something famous in Tucson. The Israeli truck has a problem with the bacon, but do it anyway.

Tyler calls with a speed bump; there is a folk festival and Tyler has reserved a place for each truck, so with all of them selling at the same location, marketing will be the most important thing they can do; besides the food. Tyler then calls to ask who would do whatever it takes to bring customers to their truck? The Beach Cruiser gals tell him if it has integrity, they are in. Tyler’s challenge is for each truck to write their own jingle. The winners should bring more attention to their truck and hopefully, get more sales.

As they appear in front the crowd, each trio does their thing. Lone Star did well and the Bacon guys too. The Grads quadrupled their sales and left early. The Middle Feast stuck around until nearly everything was sold out.

When Tyler was ready to announce the winners, he first announced the Sonoran Hot Dog challenge. Collectively, they sold 669 hot dogs. In first place with 159 was Beach Cruisers who won $500, second place with 137 and winning $250, was Military Moms, and in third with 87 and receiving $100, was Middle Feast.

Next, Tyler announced the winning trucks, in this order, Beach Cruisers, Lone Star Chuck Wagon, Military Moms, Let There Be Bacon, Madres Mexican Meals, Middle Feast, and last place and leaving the competition was Gourmet Graduates.

Tyler announced the next destination for the remaining six teams is Austin, Texas, on “The Great Food Truck Race.”

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