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The great fitness of Gilad

Gilad's fitness on the beach.

Gilad Janklowicz is a great fitness instructor who, at the age of 59 years old, has taught and instructed health and fitness group classes since 1983 on channels such as ESPN to the Discovery Channel. Unlike many other “so called fitness gurus” such the fitness experts from the Biggest Loser or other networks that have little to no education, Gilad definitely approaches himself much differently by giving each and every client the proper health and fitness attention they need. His workouts are highly impressive for the fact that he takes the time to go up to each individual showing how to properly perform each exercise.

Gilad, with his high endurance and body sculpting protocol, uses low resistance and lots of body motions to focus on complete toning. He approaches his clients or sidekicks during his shows to make sure they are in proper form and challenging themselves with proper resistance. The important factor as a health instructor is that he does not walk up to his clients by screaming at them but rather he helps them by assisting their movements to make sure they are safe and properly utilizing their movements through a multidirectional movement through their core and extremities for endurance and strength training.

Even though Gilad fitness series is set on a beautiful island in Hawaii and it may seem a little cheesy, he is doing the right thing with using proper biomechanics in all forms of fitness from the warm-up to the core or abdominal level fitness and, of course, the cool down. Gilad uses an approach of making everyone adhere to their exercise program and shows how easy it is to complete exercises within your own home.

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