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The great egg debate: Why eggs should be a part of your diet

The egg business is a billion dollar industry, and there are great health benefits to adding eggs to your diet.
The egg business is a billion dollar industry, and there are great health benefits to adding eggs to your diet.
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Often times when egg consumption is discussed in the topic of nutrition, many negative implications are brought up, but a recent report that lists numerous amazing health benefits from eating eggs serves as a great reminder and quashes a lot of the negative labels.

When people see words like cholesterol, salmonella, and health problems associated with consuming eggs, they sometimes run the other way or proceed with caution. Tony Nguyen, founder of, discusses eight benefits of eating eggs in his report, “Benefits of eating eggs: how to eat eggs for good to control health and prevent diseases.”

Although many doctors, nutritionists, and natural food aficionados argue that consuming eggs can be detrimental to your health, Tony’s report serves as encouragement to the millions of egg consumers across the country.

According to the American Egg Board (AEB), U.S. egg production during August 2013 was 6.95 billion table eggs, and Discovery Education reports that on average, the U.S. eats more than 76.5 billion eggs each year. Luckily, egg farmers produce approximately 79 billion eggs each year!

The egg industry is a booming business, and many people that consume eggs are unaware of the pretty impressive health benefits of the subject of much ongoing debate.

As the argument continues, the 276 million egg-laying hens in the USA have an extremely important job, and the egg industry is a booming billion dollar business.

IBISWorld has conducted extensive market research and expert analysis in the egg industry. It’s recent “Chicken Egg Production in the US: Market Research Report” states that the industry had a $13 billion dollar revenue and annual growth from 2008 to 2013 of six percent.

Researchers also state that, “The industry has benefited from campaigns advertising the health benefits of eggs.” With benefits like improved eye site, cancer prevention, and weight loss as highlighted in the report, egg consumption is ever holding strong.

Are eggs a part of your diet?

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