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The great American smokeout 2009 and hope for a longer life

Today is the 34th annual event of the Great American Smokeout 2009 and a day for all smokers to reflect on a healthier and longer life. According to the American Cancer Society, the earlier a smoker quits, the longer their life will be extended.

Studies indicate that smokers who quit at age 35 gain an average of eight years of life expectancy. Those who quit at age 55 will live about five years longer and at age 65 will gain another three years. However, these are just statistics. With moderate lifestyle changes, these stats could easily double.

5 lifestyle keys to health and longevity:

1. Drink plenty of pure water. The human body is made mostly of water and is the single most important nutrient. Chronic dehydration is one of the primary causes of respiratory problems and can intensify the negative effects of smoking. Consequently, rehydrating the body with pure water can significantly reverse the aging process and help to heal lung tissue. Drinking water that is ionized and alkaline will hydrate the body 6-10 times more quickly.

2. Breathe deeply and fully. With proper breathing and an optimal diet, the respiratory system should eliminate up to 70% of metabolic waste. However, for most people this is far from the truth because of poor breathing patterns. We can begin to reverse that pattern and learn to breathe more deeply to fully oxygenate the body. Take a free breathing test.

3. Exercise your body. Our bodies are built to move. It’s that simple. Exercise is the master signaling system that tells our cells to grow instead of to die. When we exercise, every cell in our body receives important signals to continue the process of growth and repair. Your health regenerating exercise should be pain-free and moderate. Choose a form of exercise you enjoy and is appropriate for your age and physical condition and do it daily for 15-30 minutes.

4. Eat food rich in enzymes. Enzyme-rich foods are primarily plant-based foods that are grown in your local area in fertile soil that is rich with minerals. Eat organically grown food when possible. The fresher the food is, the more enzymes it will have. Replenish enzymes by eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables. Try to get 9-10 servings a day.

5. Minimize stress. A positive mental attitude and sense of humor is conducive to a long and healthy life. Learn ways to cope with stress, which is one of the primary underlying causes of smoking. When choosing to stop smoking, many are benefited from meditation, yoga, relaxing music, arts and crafts, hobbies, acupuncture, energy medicine (such as Emotional Freedom Technique), walks in nature, or personal development and spiritual activities.

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