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The great American sin of Conservatism

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Many intellectuals pride themselves on being neither conservative nor liberal. The buzzword is Moderate, or Independent. Yet Moderate smacks of Jesus' warning, in the Book of Revelation, not to be lukewarm. Independent, moreover, smacks of individualism and self-deification, and signifies a disdain for most authority. Progressives, moreover, love to paint the conservative as a bible-thumping, gun toting, prejudice and intolerant reactionary. Moderates, or Independents, not wanting to get involved, tend to turn the other way.

The Truth is, many of us conservatives thump the bible, for what book is there better to thump when arguing God's Truth? Also, without a doubt, we tote guns! Should we trust big government to look out for our families best interests?

But, prejudice and intolerant? Please.

Yes we are prejudice. But it is not of skin color, or gender, or ethnicity, or religion, or sexual persuasion. It is a prejudice of stupidity, arrogance, deceptiveness, duplicity, and attempted totalitarianism. Are we intolerant? Hell yes! We are intolerant of lies in false ideologies that lead our families and children astray; we are intolerant of people who call themselves Catholic or Christian, yet kill unborn babies and desecrate traditional marriage; we are intolerant of politicians who wave an American flag with their left hand, and a socialist/communist flag with their right.

Conservatives are thought to be 'flat-earthers.' Too stupid to keep up with the times.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

Progressives legalize pot, and we point out that marijuana does far more lung damage than cigarettes. And we aren't up to snuff? Progressives legalize gay 'marriage,' and we point out that societies built upon heterosexual marriages, with healthy birth rates, flourish. And we are irrational? Progressives desire a socialized Euro-America. We simply point to a 17 Trillion dollar debt, and the flimsy European economy, not to mention an overall decadent society, and we are not open minded?

And what does the Moderate/Independent do during all of this debate? Cricket noises please.

Concerning morality, the progressive unleashes pornography, contraceptives, abortion, popular promiscuity, gay 'marriage,' and rampant divorce. Society is crumbling because of this. Conservatives simply point out that a society built upon traditional marriage (with respect for all human life, from conception to natural death, with sex respected as an expression of both marital love and procreation), tends to flourish.

And we must not forget, not in all cases, but in most, progressives tend to buck Catholic Church authority. Conservatives have the audacity, as Catholic-conservatives, to listen to the Catholic Church, and behave as Catholics. Where is the evil in that?

And, concerning respect for Church Authority, how can you be Moderate, or Independent?