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The Gray Collection in Chicago

The Richard and Mary Gray Collection
The Richard and Mary Gray Collection
Art Institute of Chicago

Modern works from Diebenkorn, Debuffet, Rothko and more are on display at Richard Gray Gallery until Saturday, October 23rd. A select collection of rock star artist.

Gray Collection: Seven Centuries of Art. The Art Institute of Chicago Drawing wing has an excellent showcase of works on paper from the 15th century to the present. A great personal collection that is being shared with the public. Everything from contemporary artists David Hockney and Jim Dine drawings to old master ink and conte drawings. Exquisitely rich in taste, drawings from William de Kooning, Franz Kline to Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres and Jacque Louis David hang well together, giving the viewer a great taste of the importance of drawing through out history. This exhibition is up through January 2, 2011.