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The Grant Writing Saga is nearly at an end!

It's 3am, and I THINK I have finished writing that grant for once and for all. After some last minute dodging and weaving, I secured a completely different venue and fiscal sponsor. Long story short, the artist and I were feeling uncomfortable that the parties involved were really supportive of the project, so we decided to pursue other avenues that we think will be a) more accommodating, and b) more enthusiastic.

So tonight I burned all of the photos of the work samples, the pdf of the descriptions of said photos, a copy of the grant request (that was uploaded via the internet onto the State Arts Board site), and the resume and bio onto a CD. I'm going to make copies of letters from his students saying what a great carving teacher he is, and include them as well.

In the morning I'll be picking up the letter and copy of the 501c3 letter from the new fiscal sponsor, and Marv will be meeting the Executive DIrector of that organization.

I don't feel very confident that the State Arts Board will actually be given the resources that they were promised by the citizens of the state of Minnesota, but what the heck?

Now I just have to label the CD and all that and I'll be ready to go!


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