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The grand debate: live show versus home listening

There was a time when a home listening session could never top the experience of a live show.

Times have changed my friends.

The assertion is not being made that one is ultimately better, it is just being thrown around that each has its pros and cons.

First, about live shows. Live shows happen once, they are a piece of history. A live performance cannot be identically repeated and if it were to be, there would still the feeling that it has happened before, which would inevitably change the perception.

A home listening experience can vary by the setup and technology available. But the setup is situated by the listener so if it is s a bad experience it is only the listener to blame. That is of course unless the listening session is spoiled by bad music, then blame can be diverted. It can be as euphoric or as mediocre as a person wants.

Now the negatives, people often say shows are too crowded or others at the show were too rowdy. On the flip side of that coin a record is predictable. It will not change no matter how many times the same song is played.

There is something special about a live performance that can never be felt through a recording. But sometimes shows just cost too much or the venue is just too big to get that special feeling. The intimacy is lost and a person just feels like they got screwed.

A case can be made either way, but it really does take a strong desire to go out to a show or a really spectacular band to be elbow to elbow with a room full of critical music fans.

Here's to the grand debate, enjoy a show or a new vinyl.

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