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The Grand Dark Conspiracy returns!

Grand Dark Conspiracy
Dan Bautz

The former podcast, known as the Grand Dark Conspiracy, ran from April of 2008 until October of 2013 from the home of Dan Bautz in Mansfield, Ohio. It began as a monthly format until 2010 when it transitioned to a weekly format. The show ran two nights a week from 10 P.M. to midnight on Mondays and Tuesdays until it came to an end.

The first guest was yours truly. I was excited to be the first guest on a new podcast and Dan had a really good pitch for his show. After my appearance I wanted to help Dan make the show successful and I helped guide a few guests in his direction. I came back on a few months later and it was then that the Paranormal News Insider segment was born. This was my "show-within-a-show" segment that ran on Monday nights and lasted 185 shows. I had attempted to take my segment elsewhere when the GDC went on hiatus, but other shows were either not interested or had paranormal news segments of their own.

When I gave up searching for a new home I got word that Dan had begun to work out a deal with a local radio station in his new hometown of Marysville, Ohio. I am familiar with the world of terrestrial radio and know it is a tough business and I wasn't getting overly excited. Now, it has officially been announced that the show is set to debut on August 4, 2014, and the excitement can finally flow.

The Grand Dark Conspiracy hosts a variety of guests from diverse backgrounds (similar to that other popular A.M. paranormal show) and is not limited to the interests of the hosts or honoring new age and holistic angles. The show isn't about the host (and his wonderful co-hosts, Dr. Brian D. Parsons and Dave Considine), but it is about the guest and their message. Of course the show is also catered to the fans and Dan has done his best to incorporate the listeners ideas and requests to the show in a variety of methods over the years.

The Grand Dark Conspiracy returns on True Oldies 1270 WQTT from Marysville, Ohio, on Monday, August 4, 2014, from 2 A.M. to 4 A.M. (technically Tuesday morning) and will be heard live in the northern Columbus area (and on the web live streaming from the WQTT home page and other sources such as the TuneIn Radio app, as well as archives afterwards). The goal for the show will be to get other affiliate stations to host the GDC as well. The show will air Monday through Friday from 2-4 A.M. (Tuesday morning through Saturday morning) and will have a special live call-in show every Friday with Dan Bautz and co-host Dave Considine. I might just sneak in time to time to co-host as well.

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