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The Grammy nominees in one word: Huh?

I was checking out the Grammy website to see just how little I know about the nominees. Yes, I know, loyal reader. As a music writer, I should know about the Grammy nominees. Sorry to disappoint you. Pop is just not my bag, baby. After checking out the list of nominees, I have these questions.

Would anyone have cared about Blurred Lines if not for the video?
Photo by Larry Marano
  • Led Zeppelin is nominated for a Grammy? For "Kashmir"? Ummmm...Dear Grammy people, you do know this is 2014. Right? And that this song was recorded 40 years ago? So, the band that you've ignored for more than 40 years gets some recognition now? I realize that it was nominated because of Celebration Day, but even that was released in 2012. So the question remains: why is Led Zeppelin nominated for a Grammy for "Kashmir" in 2014?
  • Would anyone have paid attention to "Blurred Lines" if it weren't for the video?
  • What made "Royals" such a popular song? I know it just sounds like I'm being a hater. However, I've heard the song and for me it is completely indistinguishable from any other pop song recorded by a teenage girl.
  • Grammys are awarded in 82 categories? Does this seem excessive to anyone else?
  • What makes one electronic album better than another? Does that just mean that one person is more adept than another with a laptop?
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