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The government spent nearly $175 million on penis pumps from 2006-2011

The Free Beacon news site reports that an inspector general report released on Monday states that from 2006-2011, the government has spent nearly $175 million for vacuum erection systems (VES). The device is also known as a “penis pump.” Apparently, if a man cannot get his male parts in order, the government will step in and lend a helping hand. Medicare paid 473,620 claims during this time.

The government spent nearly $175 million on penis pumps from 2006-2011. Movie spy Austin Powers (pictured) famously had one that he claimed didn't belong to him.
Free Republic website

What’s even worse is that the federal government not only paid for the devices, but they also paid more than double the retail price of a VES.

Health care experts wonder if this is another sign of wasteful government spending. With a deficit in the trillions and no sign of political leaders reigning in spending, the average taxpayer might wonder what other unusual programs they are funding.

Ben Domenech, of the Heartland Institute said:

“This is a perfect example of what happens when government becomes the be all and end all of human existence – a system where everyone has a right to a taxpayer-funded penis pump.”

The VES device, used to counter impotence, is covered under Medicare. Read more about this strange story at the Free Beacon website or read the actual government report.

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