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The Government Project Manager – True or False

No way!
No way!

Many of us work in the government industry as project managers, or are part of project management teams. Some of us are actual government employees acting as project managers while others are hired as contractors to lead government projects.

The following is a specific list that ought to classify the true Government Project Manager and is intended to solicit your true or falls comments based on personal observations from your projects.

Feel free to LOL if some of these are way off, and share with us so that we can LOL with you as well.

The Government Project Manager:

  1. Never initiates a project without following the appropriate agency’s project management processes (regardless of whether they follows PMI’s standard practices)
  2. Dedicates enough time to plan a project as to execute it
  3. Comes always on time for a scheduled meeting
  4. Is always respectful of the team and shows no favoritism (regardless of whether they are government employees or contractors)
  5. Never lets contractors pay for his/her lunch
  6. Never misleads sponsors of the project’s status
  7. Never blames others for the mistakes on a project
  8. Proactively plans risk management strategies and follows through with them
  9. Shares project management knowledge and coaches the team when necessary
  10. Never gets emotional about the project

Can you add other characteristics that you have/have not noticed about your Government Project Manager?


  • Perry Wilson 4 years ago

    Okay I am LOL. The idea that this is restricted to government PMs is well worth a chuckle.

  • Leonard Stewart 4 years ago

    Grins and smile and giggles and laughs. Too funny, (except that its not)

  • Rob Dudley 4 years ago

    11. Never spends a great deal of time, money and effort circumventing the system.

    Sadly most if not all of this can be labeled False. I have worked both sides of this fence and noticed this in both Public and Private. I have to give some points to the Private side since real money is involved compared to Public which views projects and funding as just a thing to pass the time.

    Good laugh.

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