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The Government intrudes in so many areas; how about you do something about Ticket Master?

Ticketmaster dances to the obscene profits from ridiculous service fees!
Ticketmaster dances to the obscene profits from ridiculous service fees!

Mr. Burns:  "And to think, Smithers, you laughed when I bought Ticketmaster. [imitating Smithers] Nobody's going to pay a hundred-percent "service charge."
Smithers: It's a policy that ensures a healthy mix of the rich and the ignorant, sir.

So Chicagoans, did you get your Blackhawks playoff tickets? 

How about tix for some of your favorite concerts? 

Whatever happened to the Anti-Trust laws in this country?  Where is Teddy Roosevelt, the Trust Buster, when we need him. 

Why don't more bands take a stand like Pearl Jam did in the 90's?  I love Pearl Jam's music, but their stance against these evil, unethical business practices made me look up to them as leaders.  Too bad every other band was too weak, or greedy to follow suit.

Why is Ticketmaster allowed to have sole right to sell tickets and therefore have the power to gouge consumers? 

I know of a friend that got $30 standing room only tickets for the playoffs.  Ticketmaster charged $6 per ticket for a convenience fee. 

Then they added $5 for processing fees. 

Even more hilarious, if you want to save Ticketmaster some postage, and print your own tickets at home, they charge $2.50. 

So, that $30 ticket has now blossomed into $43.50.  Ticketmaster, you really need a 45% "tip" for selling the talent of other people? 

Why don't other businesses take part in this raping of the American consumer?  Oh yeah, they have competition and those shady practices would end their business.

Most waitresses who bust their butt working hard get 15% for a tip. 

We live in the internet age.  Ticket buyers no longer need groups like Ticketmaster to get tickets.  Why don't teams and management groups sell the tickets via a website, or here's a novel idea, at the box office? 

Look at it this way.  Let's just pretend that the fee for all tickets to the Blackhawks is $6 for convenience, $5 for processing and $2.50 to print them at home, comes to a total of $13.50.  Keep in mind, the more the ticket costs, the more the "convenience" fee, but we'll just go with the cheapest rate.

21,000 tickets sold by Ticketmaster, for one game, with all the ridiculous fees, comes out to $283,500.  Ticketmaster can potentially make a quarter of a million dollars for having a monopoly on tickets?!  Where is the government intrusion into these practices? 

The best part of all of this is that, if the Blackhawks don't go to game 5 or beyond, Ticketmaster gets to keep all of the "Convenience" fees for a non-existent game. 

At least for a while, Ticketmaster had to contend with Live Nation, but in case you missed it, they pulled together to preserve a monopoly.  If other businesses can't do that, neither should talentless ticket sellers. 

Big government, why can't you poke your head where it's needed?


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