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The government has passed 40,000 news laws for 2014

With every new year come new resolutions. We may promise our loved ones that we will exercise more and eat less or make some other unrealistic promise. Even the government makes annual changes. Only, government resolutions become the law. Although ignorance of the law is never an acceptable excuse, CNN reports that the government gave us 40,000 new laws for 2014.

Congressional members pass 40,000 new laws.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

For instance, the new year brings legal marijuana, transgender protection, health insurance, and making sure vending machines provide labels for consumers to ignore. The largest change arrives in the form of required health insurance, or what we know as “Obamacare.”

In 2014, all American must obtain health insurance or pay a fine to the government. Then you have minimum wage increases in thirteen states and laws prohibiting employers from requesting their employees social media passwords. The government has also addressed drone usage in Illinois. In Rhode Island, employers can no longer ask if a potential employee has a criminal background.

Read more about these new laws at the CNN website.

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