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The gospel of Southern food is real good down home cooking

The gospel of Southern food is real good down home cooking
The gospel of Southern food is real good down home cooking

Beans, greens, johnny cakes, some form of pork or chicken, cornbread for sopping up the goods on the plate. To a lot of people this just sound like goop, but when you take the only cheap ingredients you have, and your desire is to make it taste down right good for your hungry family, that’s soul food.

When the little you have is valuable to you, the gourmet concept goes right out the window

On the seventh day, the seventh hour, soul food has its roots in poverty. Food meant to nourish and completely take up where the soul leaves off in this uncertain world is not a talent had by everyone. Atlanta is blessed with some fantastic southern soul food restaurants.

Its humble home cooking in a casual environment

It’s a solid choice and you can count on it sticking to the ribs. It stems from a time when kids couldn’t be picky eaters because money was scarce you ate what was put on the table in front of you or you went without. This same scene is carried on these days with the economy the way it is now. Pass the sweet tea.

“We got some beans and some good cornbread”

It’s a sacred bond. When the living is hard and life is lean, it’s the taste and the love that counts. The gospel of soul food is a large piece of the American pie. Kiss the cook because she is the one who learns to listen and prepares the food, and knows it is all based on special relationships. Crisis and satisfying the soul through the difficult experiences of life, is making a traditional meal that is cheaper and filling than any meal that can be purchased on the dollar menu at McDonalds.

He’s given us food and clothing and it won’t be long

“Every time I feel the spirit,” hog, hominy and gratitude. It might just be some coffee and broth from greens and sometimes the light shines even brighter. It’s not eaten in a rush, it’s enjoyed deeply. How to live and breathe in freedom, loved and forgiven. Soul, southern food is savored, and not counting on calories. The mind is clear, the body is free.

Ramps, chow chow, black-eyed peas, raising the dough, and okra

Our cup of joy, each thing you touch, the memory of stewed foods, tomato gravy, crayfish, venison and squirrel with dumplings remain common dishes with a mission. Families and communities are formed where people are in need. Revival of the soul is a development in progress, and representative of traditional cuisine and what the future can hold in the aftermath.

Born out of poverty let the politicians talk

You don’t come into the southern kitchen with a sense of entitlement; it’s cutting back on the budget. Hope is delicious.

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