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The Gospel of Peggy

Peggy's Got 'Em Crazy
Peggy's Got 'Em Crazy
Emilie J. Conroy

And to think that people say astronomers have no interest in heavenly ladies.

Of course, people also seem to think that science and spirit cannot coexist in harmony. I have to do something about that one, but let’s go back to the first point.

In April 2014 the Cassini spacecraft detected the ongoing creation of a new moon (a moonlet, actually) orbiting the planet Saturn. The icy object, nicknamed Peggy (for the mother-in-law of the astronomer who discovered the moon) has not been visually observed so much as noted as a slight gravitational anomaly on the edge of the planet’s ring system.

Astronomers believe this is an act of birth. The object is departing its place among the rings to become a moon in its own. In more spiritual terms, Peggy is an example of ongoing creation—that this universe is not finished with itself and will continue to change and create.

In other words, any thoughts of creation being a one-time event are being scientifically debunked, while a greater universe is unveiled and embraced by the spirit.

Science has revealed that everything that ever was, is, or will be in the universe is composed of the very stuff that remains from the birth of the universe. Some folks like to call this matter "starstuff". What it means is that the earth is itself composed of starstuff, making the study and the celebration of the cosmos as relevant as seasonal changes (which are also astronomical phenomena) and moon phases.

There is no reason to keep the sacred and the scientific separate, since both continuously reveal the marvels of the universe to us. Call this the Gospel of Peggy.

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