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The GOP split will create a powerful major third party

Just like many Democrats when Ronald Reagan was elected President, conservatives in the Republican party are stating a familiar claim. That they are not leaving the party but the party left them.

How true today with the GOP scrambling to keep its members. The philosophy of a big tent has been abused and moderates are running amok. Its not just that the moderates have a view that is lesser in conservatism it is that the moderates are proving they are disingenuous. The Republican party stands for less government, less taxes and more individual freedoms.

Is it possibly that those Republicans who claim to be moderates are really insurgents from the Democratic Party? That these candidates and elected officials were planted to dismantle the conservatives within is a modern day reality of the movie "The Enemy Within"?

Representative Joseph Cao "Don't tell the Republicans but I might be a closet Democrat". is a perfect example of an enemy within. The Republican Party for over the last 10 years has become sissy-like when it comes to lower taxes, federalism and control of government spending. True conservatives no longer have the patience nor the tolerance for Republicans who will sell out the basic philosophy of the party.

The GOP has a real problem because this split between moderates showing more and more the disingeniousness of their republican ideals and the conservatives who believe in the basic principles of freedom, will sooner rather than later have a complete dismantling of the GOP. And conservatives will  create a major thrid party that is stronger and more formidable. A party which the whole of the American people can and will support.

In this political day and age it is no longer a matter of finding a middle. It is no longer a matter of gray areas. It is a matter of right versus wrong. It is a matter of left versus right. it is a matter of liberal versus conservative. It is a matter of socialism versus federalism. It is a matter of states rights versus federal government control.

It is a matter of liberty versus tyranny.




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  • classical liberal 5 years ago

    I am not sure what they will do when it comes down to it. I would not mind a conservative party but you know how third parties are treated in the media and the party loyal sheeple.
    I will side with those that are constitutionally limited government, market liberals, fiscal conservatives and social libertarians. The constitutional, fiscal and market areas are the most important issues to me. Real conservatives fit those qualities. However, Ronald Regan was not as "conservative" as the right wants to believe. He spent a ton, basically redirected taxes. He was a combo of conservative Keynesian and a supply-sider. I prefer real market liberalism.

    “Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” -Frederique Bastiat

    President John Adams is quoted as saying, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

  • Bob 5 years ago

    I think I have lost my ability to read? Are you saying that moderate GOP'rs are really Democrats? IBy your standard Goldwater is a Liberal?????

  • Marie 5 years ago

    Bob - go to look up Goldwater and you'll find the answer to your Goldwater question is yes.

  • Hyrum 5 years ago

    Why would the conservatives need a new party when they have the Constitution Party, and Libertarian Party to choose from?

  • Steve B 5 years ago

    Excellent article! Sometimes i wonder if the GOP is engineering this split, so as to "reinvent" itself as a new "fresh" option for disenfranchised, disillusioned voters of either party. The fact is, the party in power now, is spending money like a drunken sailor, ignoring and covering up a terrorist attack on America at Fort Hood, and ignoring the will of the people. Nobama has in my opinion, deserted the military, ignoring the recommendations of his own hand picked general, regarding Troop needs in Afghanistan, and also ignoring advice from his own advisors. Never mind the Constitutional ignorance they display with every vote, every remark out of Pelosi's mouth. I can't wait for the 2012 elections!! They all need to be thrown out on their butts. We need a voter revolution

  • James 5 years ago

    Is this supposed to be Journalism?