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The GOP Raises the Union Flag in Ma-2

Monday evening in Leominster Ma the Twin City Tea Party welcomed GOP candidate Dan Dubrule who is running in the 2nd Massachusetts District for congress.

With the withdrawal of Tim Imholt from the Ma-3 race due to do a circulatory problem that will require surgery Mr. Dubrule had the stage to himself giving a short introduction of himself noting that the district has been run by democrats since the 80’s and it shows calling his campaign a “people’s campaign” and when he was done taking question from the assembled tea party audience.

He took questions on campaign finance (He will NOT take PAC money) spoke about his time as a correction officer (he’s proud of it) The lay of the District (both Charlie Baker AND Scott Brown won there) and on members of congress not reading the bills they pass

“if we get that 2500 page bill and 4 hours to read well I’m going to turn around to modern technology and send that bill to my constitutions ...and let them read it and get back a quick response.”

But his most passionate talk was on being a union steward and how union members get a bad rap & are used by their leadership bluntly said that a lot of the union support for guys like McGovern is an illusion.

“I’ve been a union rep and a shop steward for 18 years…so I know what it means to be a union member to be an advocate. Not all unions are what they have been portrayed to you. The members are just like yourselves and your neighbors they work … but they’re forced to pay into a system that in itself is potentially needed that’s questionable but their leadership they’re in a bad spot, they’re in a no win situation. What they’re looking for and what they know is what we all want, we want representation we want a good district & we want a good America for us and their kids and to get back to those union guys they’ve been lied to and stolen from for a long time they're very upset”

To hear a strong union man make the case that democrats are let them down is something to hear. The real question is how many more rank and file members feel the same but unlike Dan Dubrule don’t dare to say it aloud?

And more importantly for the Dubrule for congress campaign will his fellow union men follow where he is willing to lead? That is the question that his campaign has 10 months to answer.

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