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The GOP hawks are flapping their wings over the Ukraine situation

It doesn’t take much for many of the very verbal GOP senators and representatives to aim slings and arrows in a straight trajectory toward any possible issue that could affect elections. Tune to any news station and you will see at least one of them pontificating, and often twisting the facts.

SIMFEROPOL, UKRAINE - MARCH 05: Pro-Russian sympathizers hold a small rally under a statue of Lenin on March 5, 2014-Simferopol, Ukraine. Meanwhile armed paramilitary troops, including Cossacks armed with Klashnikov rifles and armoured personnel
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The latest, of course, is the hair-trigger situation in the Ukraine. We have struggled through two wars that drained our military troops, resources and national finances, and managed to sidestep others where boots on the ground would have had the potential to further damage the slowly recovering economy and cost more American lives while setting off new firestorms. President Obama is now attempting to facilitate a diplomatic solution together with potential economic sanctions to diffuse this very volatile situation without sacrificing more U.S. troops and military resources, not to mention the repercussions we could suffer.

However, it is also an opportunity to lambast anything President Obama or high profile Democrat does—the old “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” conundrum while placing barbs in possible nominees for the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton in particular. If we take military action, one side will say President Obama jumped the gun while the other side, the side that will never give him credit for any positive move, would hardly laud him for doing it and rather call him a do-nothing president. It is likely they will portray him as a poor leader, weak and indecisive. Never mind that through Secretary of State John Kerry the negotiations have begun and do stand a chance of diffusing the situation. Of course the U.S. sympathies are with the beleaguered Ukranians, but we must think things out and try all reasonable alternatives first.

The fact that the Russian troops in Crimea have not put on their uniforms does not equal Mr. Putin’s statement that there are no forces in Crimea. It is like standing there with a smoking gun and a bullet-ridden corpse on the ground while shouting, “I didn’t shoot him.”

Witness the hawkish attacks on the administration and particularly the attacks on Hillary Clinton relative to Russia. We even heard the misguided statement that Benghazi opened the door for this latest crisis in Crimea. Those hawks will take any and every opportunity to discredit the woman they perceive as a threat in 2016 if she chooses to run. What a shame when partisan politics enter into a scenario that threatens so many innocent lives.

Republicans made sure to point their fingers at former Secretary of State Clinton, who during her tenure saw resolution and hope in the now fury-filled Russia, even as Russian troops and transport planes had barely arrived in Crimea last Friday. Mudslinging politics as usual!

“Hillary’s Russia Reset: Nailed It,” proclaimed the website for America Rising, an opposition research firm and political action committee that has been taking aim at potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidates since before the ink was even dry on the 2012 election results. The presumed Democratic front-runner has been the target of ongoing harsh criticism by the GOP, with Arizona Senator John McCain telling The Daily Beast last Saturday that Clinton “got it all wrong.” “She believed that somehow there would be a reset with a guy who was a KGB colonel who always had ambitions to restore the Russian empire,” the 2008 Republican presidential nominee added. “That’s what this is all about.” Typical for McCain’s hawkish attitude.

Democrats have pointed out that before Vladimir Putin assumed power, the two countries did achieve an arms reduction treaty and sanctions against Iran and opened up supply routes to Afghanistan, surely a sign of a possibility of working together.

Wouldn’t it be incredible for our two sides to come together, quit pointing fingers, and in a bi-partisan way come to intelligent decisions about what is best for settling the problems in the Ukraine and so many other powder kegs by looking at all aspects and potential outcomes. Morally, with lives at stake, this should not be a political grandstand.

MORGAN ST. JAMES is the author of 11 books in publication and is also the Las Vegas and Los Angeles Writing Examiner, having written over 500 articles for She is also a popular speaker. For more information about St. James, visit

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