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The Gooding Dance Academy presents The Wiz and honors dads

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Woodmere, N.Y. – Susan Gooding greeted families at the door with a big welcoming smile. On the eve of Father’s Day, the Roosevelt-based Gooding Dance Academy put on a high energy performance of The Wiz at a packed Lawrence Woodmere Academy Auditorium. They not only performed with style, grace, power and great execution, they took every opportunity to bless the fathers in attendance.

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The dancers consisted of not only the students of the academy but the lead dancers were the instructors - Guya Rainey who performed the role of Dorothy, Brandon Spruill who played Scarecrow, Alexamarie Alerte was the Lion and Tanasia McCrorey portrayed the Tinman.

Before the performance, in which the popular Michael Jackson movie, The Wiz, was brought to the stage, dads were honored and encouraged by both the dance academy’s director/founder, Rochelle Gooding-Eviline and the Furthering Fathering Corporation.

The prelude was exhibition of very high level dancing where the instructors were able to combine elements of ballet, jazz and hip hop dancing. The first half of the play consisted of 11 acts. During the intermission all the dads were not only given an ovation as the stood before their seats. They were asked and playfully threatened to grace the stage. There was a surprise waiting for them. They were tricked into an unexpected dance contest which led to great laughter and heightened the joy in the building.

“Man, I would have stayed in my seat, if knew this going to happen”, several dads joked simultaneously.

The intermission ended. After eight more acts, Dorothy found her way back home and many very pleased dancers and families joyfully did the same. The Gooding Dance Academy is growing because of its integrity and service. The high quality dance academy is now also looking for a large enough and affordable facility her their dancers to practice and perfect their gifts.

They wished they had a suitable home. “It is ashamed that we get treated better in Woodmere than in our own home town”, Mr. Coote, a concerned father and grandfather exclaimed. The former PAL build is now run by the local municipality and is charging an exorbitant amount for the use of a facility they had occupied for years. “GOD will answer”, Director Gooding-Eviline said assuredly. Like Dorothy in The Wiz, they will eventually have a spacious home where there is love overflowing…