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'The Good Wife' recap: Tap, tap

'The Good Wife' season 5 episode 13 "Parallel Construction, Bitches"
'The Good Wife' season 5 episode 13 "Parallel Construction, Bitches"

"The Good Wife" returns Sunday, March 9, with "Parallel Construction, Bitches," which sees Alicia dealing with a possible leak inside her firm and the return of Charles Lester with Lemond Bishop arrested on a drug-related charge and Marilyn facing a decision when it comes to a certain tape.

As the drama on "The Good Wife" begins, Grace tries to explain a TV drama to Alicia (Alicia's sure it will make more sense with wine when she tries again at the end of the episode), only for Charles Lester to show up and interrupt because Bishop has been arrested. It's a crowded courtroom on Bishop's side. "We can't get away from them," Alicia says as she and Cary join Will and Diane in court. "We see them more now." On the other side, AUSA Asher is alone, but he's so sure the evidence is overwhelming.

All they have is one eyewitness, a real estate agent who claims to have seen Bishop with two men holding duffel bags of white brick-like packets, and when Will calls Howard to the stand, he tells the judge that the real estate agent was showing him a property miles away on the day in question – and he has photographic proof. A DEA agent shows up to "clear up" the confusion and says that the eyewitness got the days wrong. Something's fishy.

Lester and Bishop pull Alicia aside in the elevator back at her office and explain that the only way the DEA could have known about that delivery was if there was a leak at her office because that was the only place they mentioned the location of the meeting. While Alicia wants to get to the bottom of it herself, Lester insists on joining her when she questions Cary, Clarke Hayden and Robyn. As the questioning winds down, Lester tells Alicia to be on call the next day at 3 p.m. because Bishop has a delivery to make. The next day, the police and the DEA pull Bishop over, but all he has in his car is pancake batter. They told Alicia, Cary, Robyn and Clarke Hayden different times, and as Lester and Bishop reveal to Alicia, they were pulled over at 3 – Alicia's time. All she did was leave herself a voicemail reminder, which leads them to believe that the DEA got a wire tap.

It's time for burner phones at Florrick/Agos, but Asher insists there isn't a wiretap. That's because the DEA is just getting information from the NSA, but the NSA cuts the DEA off, forcing the agency do to its own homework. Cary warns Will and Diane about the wiretap, and Diane sends Kalinda to find out if Cary's telling the truth. So where else should she question him but in bed? Cary insists he's telling the truth, but Kalinda tells Diane he's lying – and the NSA is enjoying listening to all these conversations and gossiping.

When Asher resigns and leaves the case to AUSA Alvarez, Robyn and Lester try to get him to tell them why, with Lester even asking in that way of his about his children, but Robyn intervenes and tries to appeal to his morality. That doesn't work either, but Asher does tell them it isn't about Bishop or the DEA. So what's the wire tap about? Asher's only going to be confessing anything to his priest, so he's out.

However, when Asher is put on the stand, he refuses to answer questions about the wire tap because he might incriminate himself, and it's Cary who realizes that the NSA is involved; the NSA has been handing out information from wire taps to other departments, so since the DEA couldn't use that information to build a case, it created a new evidence trail with the real estate agent.

Meanwhile, Eli has a serious problem of his own, and it's Marilyn, who is approached by Nelson Dubek of the Office of Public Integrity about possible voter fraud. While she tells him she can't help, he tries a couple of different tactics to change her mind, including bringing up possible jail time and trying to appeal to her sense of morality because talking is the right thing to do. After finding Eli waiting when she's supposed to be meeting with Peter – and it's not the first time – she brings the flash drive with the video to Nelson.

Nelson then brings the video to Alicia and tells her she could be facing prison time herself since she's Peter's lawyer, and when she calls Eli to tell him on a burner phone (not knowing the NSA has traced Eli's phone and gotten her burner's number), he's worried about Will. Thanks to the NSA, Nelson listens to that conversation, but when he goes to see Will about it, Will doesn't budge, even as he offers immunity and brings up Alicia stealing clients.

Finally, Alicia's supposed to have lunch with Judge Kluger about his book, but after she shows up late, he's the one to leave for an emergency meeting with another judge, and when she calls to reschedule, he tells her he's no longer writing the book and very definitively says goodnight.

"The Good Wife" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on CBS. What did you think of "Parallel Construction, Bitches"?

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