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‘The Good Wife’ kills Will Gardner? Plot twist murders main character (video)

There are TV spoilers and then there are television shockers. Few viewers saw what was about to hit The Good Wife on Sunday night until the very end of the show. The sexy attorney Will Gardner, who was portrayed by Josh Charles, was killed in a courtroom shooting on Sunday’s show. According to the New York Daily News on Sunday, Will Gardner was a main partner in the Lockhart Gardner Law Firm and the last thing anyone would have assumed was his character would have been murdered in front of a judge.

The Good Wife has been promising this season would be epic. Digging deeper into the court trials and having fans taking sides, it seemed possible there might be more drama, but a courtroom killing of a major character? Viewers were sideswiped and in shock.

While the gory scenes of Will Gardner were less than cool for late night television, the show really gave a ramped up look at what happens when courtroom violence strikes. The series also killed off one of the primary characters so fans are asking what will happen next. Will Gardner is seen laying in the hospital lifeless, but the show must go on. This might allow all the story lines the fans were following to go in a whole new direction.

The Good Wife definitely gave the viewers a twist in the plot on Sunday night. It was a moment ripped out of the headlines and fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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