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The Good News and the other news: Obey the law, like Arizonans, Part 2

Note: Please pardon the delay in the release of part two of this series. Between the ongoing work to upgrade the Examiner site and my having purchased a new computer, there were a few "technical difficulties."

In Salinas California, 13-year-old Taryn Hathaway was instructed by her art teacher to stop working on her project for the class. The reason the young Ms. Hathaway was given was that her project invoked a spirit of patriotism and would not be suitable for display next to the artworks of some of her classmates.

Okay, so the teacher did not use those exact words, but that was what she was getting at. This is simple enough to deduce when one considers that Ms. Hathaway was drawing an American flag and that another student who was drawing a picture of President Barack Hussein Obama was encouraged to continue working on her project.

None of this is a new thing though, as social-communist dictator wannabes are historically notorious for rooting out anything which symbolizes that against which they are fighting. The Jews in Germany went through a similar purge of all things representing a the pride of their people just before Adolf Hitler began putting them on trains.

So exactly who is it that Ms. Hathaway was in danger of offending with her picture of Ol’ Glory? Was it the kid who was doing the portrait of the Commander-in-Thief, or some illegal Hispanic kid who had to have a translator to state his objection?

Oops, there I go racial profiling again. Oh, but all you have to do is look at some headlines from around the country and wonder how long it will be before Evansville schools are banning the American flag and punishing kids who show patriotism.

What was that you said? It could never happen around here?

We still fly the flag with pride in Evansville? We love the Fourth of July?

Well, so do a lot of real Americans in this country. However, that did not prevent five boys in the Morgan Hill Unified School District from being threatened with suspension for having worn shirts which displayed the Stars and Stripes.

Their offense? Being so thoughtless as to show such grotesque patriotism on a Mexican holiday!

Yes, as we have probably all seen or read in the news by now, the five boys were sent home to change their shirts, because the fact that they wore American flags on the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo offended "Mexican-American" students and one Hispanic administrator. Frankly, the Administrator violated the young men’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Right now these things are happening in other states, but with the local illegal population growing, it is only a matter of time before acts of disrespect are being done locally. My question is, why are so many so-called "Christian" churches bending over backward to help those who break our nation's laws and undermine our sovereignty to continue to do so?


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