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The Good News and the other news: Is it time to take a Risk? Part 3

When asked why a homeschool mom from Spencer, Indiana had decided to put her and her family’s life on hold to run for a Federal office, it was as though Mrs. Risk were dictating one of my columns. She said that things are terribly out of control in Washington D.C., that if average people do not stand up and demand sensible leadership and accountability of the same, the country’s last hope is lost and that now is the time when “Someone has to be courageous, to take charge and lead.”

“I want people to have someone they can trust,” she told me. “Somebody has to go up there and say, ‘No.’ In Congress, somebody has to say, ‘We’ve got to buck the system.’ Somebody has to be a Daniel.” Indeed, if she is true to her word and her stated convictions, and if the people of the 8th District can acquire some reason and repent of the myth that Larry Bucshon
is “the true conservative” among those seeking the GOP nomination, a lions’ den of corruption is exactly what awaits her.

Nor is Mrs. Risk oblivious to the moral dangers which await her should she be elected. In fact, while her opponent and the interest groups which own him would like to paint her as being so in all matters, from what I have observed she is the only one willing to discuss the real issues of concern in an intelligent manner, comprehendible to the general populous.

So often in recent years candidates from both parties have attempted to diverge from the true matters at hand and fill up the air with meaningless rhetoric. We heard it a few years ago from then Senator Soetaro as he promised “Hope and Change” in his drive toward his current office, though he refused to ever quantify the sustenance of the “hope” or the exact nature of the “change.”

My recent visit to the Holocaust Museum reminded me that the world once heard the same re-directive formula in the speeches of an Austrian born corporal turned house painter named Adolf Hitler. Oh, and two years ago we heard the same sort of rhetoric from Mr. Bucshon … and we are still hearing it today.

Mr. Bucshon campaigned the last time around on the same basic platform as what he is now using. He said once before that he was the “true conservative” candidate, then went to Washington and voted in favor of every single liberal aspect of Mr. Soetaro’s social-communist agenda.

Of course there is always the chance that Mrs. Risk is simply telling me what I want to hear. After being burned by Mr. Travis Hankins in the last election, I have to believe that is possible.

But Mrs. Risk is making some interesting pledges to her would-be constituents and she is publishing them in written form so that there can never be any question as to what she has promised. For instance, she has pledged to take absolutely no healthcare coverage and no pension for her service.

This drive to save the taxpayers money is an admirable quality, but it stems from her personal, conservative position. In her daily life, she and her husband David practice on the family level the very sort of penny pinching that it will take to turn this country around fiscally, a fact which is summed up in her statement that, “We have to be the only Federal campaign that packs its own lunch and eats in the local park.”

In like thinking, she wants to block grant a great deal of money back to the States from which it has been coming and turn over control of related projects to the same. In affect, the Constitution only gives specific powers to the Federal government and reserves all other powers to the individual States and Mrs. Risk believes, as I have long preached in this column, that any other set up is illegal and should be corrected as quickly as possible.

Mrs. Risk said she also understands that she will need help staying the line in Washington. She said, “I want to surround myself with people who will hold me accountable” and she even told me the names of some common citizens whom she hopes will fill those roles.

One of those people is Carol Robinson of Newburgh, Indiana. When we met, Ms. Robinson asked me “Can I tell you my Kristi story?” and of course I obliged out of basic respect, but what I heard was nothing like what I had expected.

Ms. Robinson told me of how she had been a lonely widow with no hope on the horizon, until she went to an event and was introduced to Mrs. Risk. Mrs. Risk was there to campaign, but saw the emotional pain which Ms. Robinson was in and instead of saying, “Can I please have your vote?” she asked, “Can I pray with you?”

“I think that’s just the counselor part in me,” Mrs. Risk, who is a women’s counselor at her church, explained. “I genuinely care about the people of the 8th District. The people are what makes this the greatest country in the world, not the government, not the businesses.”

“She was the beginning of my healing,” Ms. Robinson, now a devoted member of the Risk campaign team, told me. She said the two of them and others on the team pray together on a regular basis.

Mrs. Risk acknowledges that the spirituality behind her campaign is the biggest difference between it and that of her opponent. “Sometimes its more like a mission than a Federal campaign,” she admitted.

So it would seem that voters in Evansville, and the 8th district as a whole, have a decision to make. Will we take a risk on a political outsider whose opinions are from the “old school?”

For those of us who are Bible believing constitutionalists, the answer is simple. Yes, it is time to take a Risk: Kristi Risk.

For more information concerning Mrs. Risk, plesae feel free to visist her website.


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