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While most Americans have heard of Ron Paul, I am shocked at how few really know where he stands on the issues which they themselves say are important to them. That is why, despite how much I support his fiscal plan I am alarmed by certain of his social and cultural positions, and regardless of my thoughts on the matter I doubt very much that he is someone the American people could elect.

It has taken us nearly four years of social-communism to make most Americans blink an eye. Far too many are way too content taking handouts to ever realize that socialized anything is the beginning of socialism, and that our President, Barry Soetaro, or Barack Hussein Obama Jr., or whatever other alias he might be using at the moment, is a committed Social-Communist.

Most still fail to see that the current economic plunge is no accident, but a product of the underlying principle of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. They, along with President Soetaro, are devoted to the notion that the devaluing our dollar in order to align ourselves with the majority of our historical enemies while simultaneously denouncing our longtime allies is a good thing, and the average American is still more concerned about whether their food stamps will come in on the 1st of the month.

So long as this is the case, the fiscal sensibility of candidates like Ron Paul will continue to be overlooked. As a result, our nation will continue to suffer the consequences and the greater Evansville area will not be immune.

Someone who does seem to have some charisma with the young people is Mr. Rick Santorum. I was excited when I heard him speak recently, because not only did he renounce the long standing Federal policy of holding back our use of natural resources and acknowledge that said power is reserved by the Constitution for the individual States, he stated very boldly that we were placed here by our Creator to subdue and maintain the Earth, not to the Earth’s benefit but to our own benefit.

This was Genesis retold by a politician and, surprising, accurately so. I was moved in way I had not been since Travis Hankins told me during his last race that he was “Christian, a Conservative and a Republican in that order.”

As my longtime readers will recall, I spent a great deal of space in this column talking about how Mr. Hankins was spot on. Sadly, while he seems to have the right convictions on many issues, Mr. Hankins proved to be far more convinced of his campaign model than he was of the need to carry every county in his district and, since he did not “need” the votes that would have come from this part of the State, he repeatedly stood his would-be voters up and, I believe, lost the election as a result.

Mr. Santorum went on to point out that, while for him the statement concerning Creation is an article of faith, to the general body of voters it should be an article of reason. I agree, though most voters I have talked to about it seem divided.

First, the non-believers seem convinced that, because his political policies are based upon his biblical belief he cannot possibly be right. They would do well to remember that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and even Ronald Reagan based their better decisions upon that same foundation.

Second, the believing voters to whom I have talked about Mr. Santorum seem convinced that he is, in the words of one, “too preachy.” I for one want to know what that means.

For years now I have listened to these same people lament the immorality of the Clinton administration and now the rather blatant disregard for our nation’s biblical foundation and the ram of Islam down our throats by the Soetaro administration, all of which has lead us to the current state of the Obamanation. Finally, we have a candidate for President of the United States who is not afraid to say that the Bible is the literal, inspired Word of God on international television, with our enemies watching and everybody wants to vote for Mitt Romney.

Consider for a moment that Mr. Romney was the author of the Massachusetts healthcare reform bill that became the basis of Obamacare. The reason that Romney wants in is not that he wants to stop Obamacare and save the nation, but that he wants to institute Romneycare and have his place in the inevitable book, “The Rise And Fall Of The American Republic,” assured.

That does not even bring into play the fact that Mr. Romney has long since sold out to the same financial supporters who back President Soetaro and all of his South American dictator friends. If their drug is money for their political war chests and they are both using the same supplier, it only makes sense that their actions in office would be the same, too.


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